Which flavor do you like best?

It’s Mardi Gras time, and that means the good ‘ole ‘Nawlins King Cakes have begun to devour the mouths of New Orleanians as they gear up for the annual King Cake Festival at Champions Square.
But with so many flavors and variations of King Cakes, it’s hard to say which one takes the crown. So, Talk Dat NOLA™️ teamed up with Ochsner Health System for a #King Cake taste testing.

Executive Producer: Brandon C. Armant

Supervising Producer: Nathaniel Colin, Jr.

Producer: Casey Ferrand

Associate Producers: Katie Fauquier and Paige Davila Entwisle

Director of Photography/Editor: Theodore Robinson

Additional Photography/Animation: Christopher Breault

Produced By: BAMM Communications and Ochsner Health System