Houston-based nonprofit org partners with Beats by Dre to help kids

August 19, 2021 - 05:35 PM

Houston, TX (BAMM Network) — Philanthropists and entrepreneur co-founders Jarren Small and Douglas Johnson have announced their partnership with the iconic rapper, Beats by Dre, in support of their nonprofit organization, Legends Do Live. 

The two Prairie View A&M University graduates met during college. Both of them shared an interest in community restoration and repair, along with several other friends and classmates. In 2013, they founded Legends Do Live, which initially focused on interviewing talented individuals who are “legendary” through their leadership and contribution to the community. 

However, they reformed the mission and vision of the organization to focus on youth and education. They help in equipping and funding disadvantaged youth and communities through programs and community engagements. 

Houston-based entrepreneur, philanthropist partners with Beats By Dre to  help kids - Nashville PRIDE, Inc.

Among their programs, “Reading With A Rapper" (RWAR) is the most popular and has caught the attention of companies like Microsoft and icons like Meek Hill. The program offers an 8-week curriculum designed to involve students in an interactive learning experience with innovative tools and technology. It also provides a unique form of educational escapism through listening to and studying rap music. 

Aside from Microsoft, their partnership with Beats by Dre will help the organization to fully roll out the free beta phase of the program in multiple cities. And it will allow the program to be available through major streaming platforms. 

Read more about Reading With A Rapper here.


Photo Credit: Pride Publishing Group Website


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