Mother of newborn survives COVID, holds baby for the first time after discharge

May 22, 2020

Casey Ferrand & Harlin Miller, Jr. (WTDN) - A long-awaited discharge for a new mother and COVID-19 survivor was celebrated at the Touro Emergency Room Friday. 

Trichelle McDaniel, a 36 years old mother of five, went to Touro’s Emergency Room on March 11 with flu like symptoms. She was 35 weeks pregnant at the time.

After testing negative for flu and other respiratory illnesses, she tested positive for COVID. While under observation and being treated for COVID, McDaniel went into pre-term labor and needed an emergency c-section.

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After delivering a healthy baby boy, she continued to experience respiratory issues due to COVID and was transferred to the ICU. The new mom's condition worsened and she was placed on a ventilator.

After a long and un-certain battle with COVID-19, the new mother was discharged from Touro after 73 days in the hospital. She was reunited with her children and was able to hold her three moth old baby boy for the first time.

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McDaniel receive a signed card from her nursing staff and a rainbow pinwheel. The song “Somewhere over the rainbow” played over the PA system signaling her COVID discharge. Then she traveled to Labor and Delivery to press the lullaby to play over the PA system, a hospital tradition she was not able to experience when she gave birth to her son on March 15.

When she left through the hospital's main entrance, she was greeted with a red-carpet celebration by her caregivers and family.


Photos by: Harlin Miller, Jr.


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